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Academic programs
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  2. Design
  3. Plastic Arts
  4. Music and Musicology
  5. restauration des Biens culturels
  6. Mastères
Cultural Activities

The Institute

The InstituteObjectives

The process of training in the Higher Institute of Arts and Crafts in Gabes aims at achieving the following par poses.

Improving the employability of scientific diplomas and adopting the students to academic needs and new professional commitments through :

  • Assessing the collective dimension of workshops supervised by a workshop head and sometimes by the contribution of a visiting artist through animation and discussion thus goring to student to acquire the critical sense and construct his artistic language.
  •  Adopting a concrete approach for the pedagogy of the critical discipline based on artistic practice and a starting point for teaching theoretical subjects assisted by available audio-visual technologies and taking into consideration that these disciplines cannot represent a solid tool of a general culture for the student without having gone through a continuity of  workshop discussions.
  • Adapting the student to professional environment througout the period of training and preparing him to integrate in professional life through his participation in informative training and educational trips.
  • Allowing students to profit from international partnerships through academic exchanges (contracts changes, dual contract diploma, training abroad)


 Second cycle and scientific research

The Higher Institute of Arts and Crafts of Gabes offers to students different orientation and a set of specialties and with the capacity of teaching institution.

Students subscribed in P.H.D degree profit from the support of two specialized structures in scientific research.

  • Unit of research : “aesthetics, art, environment of harmony and research”  
  • Research Unit : “the aesthetics, culture, traditional knowledge and technology”

These two units contribute to prepare P.H.D student by organizing specialized conferences, workshops and international conferences and by providing to researchers the means to follow researches with necessary facilities to carry their work in suitable condition.