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Academic ProgramsDesign

The Head of department speech :

The formative path of design department -according to LMD system- is classified according to two types of   licenses : fundamental and applied in design of image and space design and each license formation lasts three years as follows.

  • First year : During this year the training is general and has main core, it includes theoretical subjects as well as teaching applied subjects in the form of workshops in the basic principles in the specialty which help students to acquire a sum of basic skills in design and allow them later on to know different specialties’ and be able to choose one of them before the orientation at the end of second semester.
  • Scond year : it is the year of specialty in the field of arts and crafts through this stage education seems to be more intense regarding to concentration on the functional and aesthetic approaches of art. A student who is   directed to images design must choose between either fundamental license of graphic advertising or applied license in audio-visual advertising. However the specialty of space design doesn’t have branches and the choice is restricted either fundamental or applied.
  • Third year : in this final year the academic studies end by a presentation in which the student exposes a training report done in a company or an office of studies which has close relationship to the market of arts and crafts.

Academic training in design results in the integration in future jobs regarding the demands of professional to make daily life interesting and easier. Also design specialties’ give to the student the occasion to rely on himself by establishing his own project and so participating in the development of the country.


H.D Dalila Klifa  

First year :

Second year :


Third year :